Welcome to the Couchbase Community page, the starting point for every Couchbase user who's keen to learn more about our community and how to get involved. Whether you're new to Couchbase or a longtime user, our Community Team is here to accompany you on your Couchbase community journey, so join us!

Community Hub

Learn, share, connect, and get involved

The Couchbase Community Hub is where you can get fresh product updates and important announcements, learn about events happening near you or virtually, and of course connect with fellow Couchbasers. Our hub is also the place where you can reach out to our Community Team and learn about all the different ways you can get involved, whether it's contributing to one of our open source projects, signing up to become a Couchbase Ambassador, helping with our forums, or contributing to our documentation.

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Let's talk Couchbase!

Join our Discord server and connect with other Couchbasers

The Couchbase Discord server is a space for our community to communicate in real time to exchange ideas, connect with Couchbase staff members and with each other. Here you can ask general questions, get answers and share your knowledge and most importantly, share cat photos!

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Couchbase Forums

For asynchronous community technical support

If you have technical support questions that might take some time for respondents to review and answer, your best bet is to ask in our forums. You’ll receive timely responses here from our engineers and/or fellow community members.

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Ambassador Program

Share your Couchbase expertise and help shape our product roadmap

The Couchbase Ambassador Program is a program designed for developers in our community who are passionate and knowledgeable about Couchbase and who are keen to engage with other developers. The title of "Ambassador" is a distinction that Couchbase awards to select members of the community that are both experts in their field and love to share their Couchbase expertise with others.

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