What makes Capella different?

Capella delivers flexibility and performance at scale for enterprise applications, with the best price-performance of any fully managed document database. Try it for free and be up and running in minutes.


    Capella delivers the industry-leading performance and availability needed for enterprise applications.


    Leverage your skills with the familiarity of SQL – the most well-known database language.


    Capella fuses the strengths of an RDBMS and the agility and performance of a NoSQL database together with mobile syncing app services.


    You get incredible price-performance, operational transparency, and licensing flexibility to drive down your total cost of ownership.


from $0.28/hr per node (3-node cluster)

Ideal for early design, development, and testing phases within a single AZ, with forum-based support and automated backups

Developer Pro
from $0.35/hr per node (3-node cluster)

A lower-cost solution designed to deliver great price performance for departmental and tier-2 and tier-3 applications

from $0.56/hr per node (3-node cluster)

Our premium-level performance, service, security, and support for mission-critical applications

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